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Welcome To GooGags

GooGags is one of the kind gag sharing community. What makes us stand out is our Gag Creator which lets YOU crete your own gags. Just pick the characters for your idea, add text, color it as you like and ... tadaa your gag is ready to be posted.

Simple And Safe

Unlike other sites, GooGags believes in a simple un-obstusive mobile friendly layout and zero spam. We are 100% familiy friendly which means you can watch any post on GooGags with someone like your Parents or uncle on the side without getting the "Ouch" feeling.

Create Your Gag Collection

Gags you create or post are added to your collection and displayed in your profile. That makes it a nice way of creating your own gag collection for some show-off. If your gag attracts attention and gathers points soon enough, it will also get featured in the trending section.

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Disclaimer: GooGags is a 100% family and work friendly gag site. We inspect each and every post comming in from the community to ensure that they confirm to the standards set by the community. That means you can watch GooGags with your family members or with colleagues at work without ever having to get embarassed. We hope you will also maintain the same standards you want from GooGags while posting to GooGags too. There are no much limitations on the type of gags you can post - except that they should be family/work friendly. Gags can be from any area- programming, tech, mobiles, school humor, workplace jokes, bullying jokes, movies ... the list is endless. And you don't need to be an artist to make gags too. Our gag maker tool is something even a small child can use with ease.